Hey Cinemaware fans!

Happy (belated) New Year! Its hard to believe were already a month into 2003! Where does the time go? Its easy to lose track of the days when youve got your nose to the grindstone - but we havent forgotten that our fans are eagerly waiting for more, more, more on Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown.

We recently updated the Cinemaware webpage with a whole mass of media showing off the game. Meanwhile, we recently sent out preview builds of the game and were beginning to see the first previews in magazines and on websites - expect to see a whole lot more of Cinemaware in the coming months!

But before that, weve got some big announcements!

For those of you whove been waiting patiently for Wings GBA to ship, Im pleased to say that your wait is over! Thats right; Wings GBA is ready for take off!

Better yet, though a special deal from publisher Metro3D, you can get the game for a discounted price! Pre-order Wings before February 14th from Metro3D.com and youll receive $5 off and free shipping!

Head on over to:

to get your order in! Wings will be shipping out on February 14th for $29.99. You can get more information and screens for Cinemawares high-flying WWI flight sim at our product page here: http://www.cinemaware.com/gbawings_main.asp.

But theres even more Cinemaware heading to stores! While weve been steadily releasing classic and revamped Cinemaware games for PC and GBA, Psone owners have been left out in the cold. Well, no more!

This month, Cinemawares classic mix of slapstick comedy and arcade action, The Three Stooges is being released for PlayStation One! Better yet, the game is coming at a bargain price of just $9.99!

The game should be available by the time you read this. For more info and some screens of the PSone version head on over to:


If thats not enough, weve also the first in-game footage from Robin Hood for you this month! Weve put together a two-minute video showing just a taste of what you can expect from the final game - swashbuckling swordfights, thrilling joust tournaments, beautiful maidens, and more.

Head over to the Robin Hood page and check out the trailer as soon as you can - you wont be disappointed!

For those of you who prefer still images to the moving kind, weve also added even more hi-res screenshots of the game in action, almost 30 of them, in fact. Give em a gander at:

If you rushed off to download the trailer as soon as you read about it, then youve already heard a sample of the next surprise I have for you all - Samples of the Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown soundtrack!

While Cinemaware games are know for their great presentation and unique mix of genres, who can forget the classic music that goes along with them? We knew we needed to get something special to live up to DotCs musical legacy, so we searched and searched to find a composer who was up to the task.

We finally found the man for the job in Troels Folmann of Deffmute. Troels did an amazing job by busting out over 45 minutes of fantastic music that really captures the spirit of high adventure and drama of Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown. Deffmute recently updated their homepage with a ton of samples of the music: http://www.deffmute.com/diary/diary.html Give it a listen!

Troels has also been kind enough to do a few interviews with the press about the experience of working with Cinemaware and composing music for Robin Hood. Check out his interview with The Electric Playground at: http://www.elecplay.com/interview.html?article=10564 and another with Gamescore: http://www.gamescore.com/index.php?action=news&id=66 .

Meanwhile, the game has made its way out of our offices and into the eager hands of the press all over the world. The feedback so far has been GREAT, and were sure youll be more excited than ever when you start reading the previews.

IGN posted their impressions of the early portions of the game here:
http://ps2.ign.com/articles/383/383595p1.html .

Next Level Gaming chimes in with their own thought on the playable build at:

and GameSpy has an extensive preview at:

Print magazines have a bit more lead-time, naturally, but you should see us showing up in mags by the middle of February. If youre one of our fans in Germany, though, keep an eye out for the upcoming issues of Play and Playzone magazines - Theres a multipage write up on Robin Hood in each of them!

Look for more Cinemaware in the press soon! Well be sure to keep you all updated on the website. As always, drop by our forums and tell us what you think of the game so far! http://www.cinemaware.com/forum/

My Special Section:

Whew. Thats a lot of Cinemaware! With Robin Hood nearing completions, there will be even more coming soon! Well be sure to keep all the Cinemaware fans up to date on the latest happenings.