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Now over 300 games listed. All titles are complete unless stated (oem = no box).

A1200 users please note that some of these games will need to be degraded or require a Game Booter or patch from the internet or AF cover CD. If in doubt call before ordering! Any games found to be faulty require a return number before returning! First come first served! Telephone/email orders preferred but if you are sending a cheque or Postal Order please call/email first to reserve the titles you want (or state alternatives).

List as at February 21, 2003.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, Visa Delta, PayPal, UK cheque or Postal Order and International Money Order.

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UK = £1.00 per item (maximum £7)
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ROW = £3.00 per item

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£15 EACH 
Disney's Aladdin

£10 EACH
2 Hot 2 Handle (Super Off Road, Shadow Warriors, Golden Axe, Total 
Addams Family
Adventurer's Lair CD
Arcade Pool (disk or CD32)
Bonanza Bros.
Brigade Commander
Bump n Burn
Championship Manager 93
Civilization AGA
Curse of Enchantia
Desert Strike
Jimmy White Snooker
Kick Off 3
Knights of the Sky
Lotus 3
Mr Blobby
Nigel Mansell World Champs
On the Ball League Edition
On the Ball World Cup Edition 
Operation Stealth
Police Quest 2
Premier Manager
Premier Manager 2
Premier Manager 3
Pro Flight (Tornado sim)
Sim Ant
Sim Earth
Space Quest 1
Speris Legacy
Terminator 2 (arcade) 
The Godfather
Trolls AGA
Worms Directors Cut AGA

£8 EACH 
3D Pool
Archer Maclean Pool oem
Blue Amgels (flight sim)
Body Blows Galactic AGA
Deep Core
Dog Fight
F1 (Domark)
F15 Strike Eagle 2
Fantasy Manager
Flimbo's Quest
Global Gladiators
Grand Prix Circuit
Guy Spy
Intl. Championship Wrestling
Intl. Sports Challenge
Jurassic Park
Lethal Weapon
Manic Miner
Mean Arenas
Microcosm CD32
Mig-29 Fulcrum
Nigel Mansell Wld Champs CD32
PGA Tour Golf 
Premier Manager 2 oem
Quattro Fighters v3 (sas combat, mig 29, kamikaze, guardian angel)
Railroad Tycoon
Robocod (large green box)
Robocop 3
Rugby World Cup
Shadow Fighter AGA
Simon the Sorcerer
Soccer Superstars
Sorcerer Lord
Star Goose
Super Cars
Super Fighter (pitfighter, finalfight, wrestlemania)
Super Methane Brothers CD32
Super Monaco Grand Prix
Superfrog CD32
The Kristal
Theme Park
Tracksuit Manager 2
TV Sports Baseball
Winter Olympics Lil' 94
Zool AGA

£5 EACH 
Abduction (2Mb)
Addams Family (small box)
Advantage Tennis
Art of Chess
Batman The Movie
Battle for the Ashes
Bignose the Caveman
Black Lamp
Black Shadow
Blast Ball
Blitz Tennis 
Body Blows
Campaign oem
Cannon Fodder 
Cap'n Carnage
Castle Master
Championship Golf
Championship Run
Chase HQ
Civilization oem
Clive Barker's Nightbreed
Club Football: The Manager
Craps Academy
Crazy Cars 3
Death Mask
Dune 2 (disks only)
Eat The Whistle AGA
European Champions 
European Superleague 
Eye of Horus 
F1GP Circuits
F-16 Combat Pilot
F-29 Retaliator
F/A 18 Interceptor
Face Off Ice Hockey
F.I.F.A. Soccer 
Fields of Glory CD32
Final Blow
Fire Force
Flight Command (compilation)
Flimbo's Quest
Fly Harder
Fool's Errand
Gazza 2
G. Gooch World Class Cricket
Grand Monster Slam 
Grand Slam Tennis
Hammer Fist
Hard Drivin' 2
Heart of the Dragon
Hudson Hawk
Ice Hockey
Indianapolis 500
Insanity Fight
Intl. Championship Wrestling
International Golf
John Barnes Euro Football 
John Madden USA Football
Karting Grand Prix
Kickstart 2
Kids Rule OK
Kids Rule OK 2
LED Storm
Licence To Kill (007)
Light Force (biochallenge, r-type, voyager)
Live and Let Die (007)
Magic Fly 
Manchester United
Maupiti Island
Miami Chase
Mickey's Runaway Zoo
Micro Machines
Microprose F1 Grand Prix
Microprose Soccer
Multi Player Soccer Manager
Nascar Challenge
Ninja Mission
Orbit 2000
Out Run 
Out Run Europa
Overkill AGA 
Over the Net (beach volley)
Panza Kick Boxing
Pit Fighter
Player Manager 2
Player Manager 2 Extra AGA
Populous World Editor
Professional Football Sim
Pro Tennis Tour
Roadkill CD32
RVF Honda
Sabre Team
Seconds Out
Shadow Warriors
Shootemup Construction Kit
Simpsons: Bart v Space Mutants
Snoball in Hell
Sooty & Sweep
Space Harrier 2
Space Ranger
Sports Spectacular
Steve Davis World Snooker
Stock Market
Street Fighter 
Street Fighter 2
Street Sports Basketball
Strip Pot AGA
Super Fighter
Super League Manager CD32
Tactical Manager
Tactical Manager 2
Terminator 2
Test Drive
Total Recall
Triad (barbarian,defender of the crown)
Trivial Pursuit
Trolls AGA
Turning Points
TV Sports Football
Typhoon Thompson
Ultimate Golf
Ultimate Soccer Mgr 95/96 data
Vector Ball
Viz The Game 
Wacky Races (Hanna Barbara)
War in the Gulf oem
Wing Commander
Winter Olympiad 88
Word Games CD
World Class Rugby
World of War (comp)
Xenon 2
Zork 1 (infocom)
Zork 2 (infocom)

£4 EACH 
Banshee AGA
Base Jumpers
Beach Volley
Bomber Bob
Bravo Romeo Delta
Cannon Fodder oem
Captain Planet
CJ in the USA
Dennis AGA oem
Dr Plummet House of Flux
Fireteam 2200 oem
John Madden Football oem
Man U Prmr Lg Champs 94/95 data
Nick Faldo's Golf 
Nigel Mansell Wld Champs oem
Pinball Fantasies oem
RBI2 Baseball
Rise of the Robots 500+/600
Toyota Celica Rally (no manual)
Wing Commander (no manuals)
World Class Leaderboard Golf

£3 EACH 
Back to the Future 2
Badlands Pete
Days of Thunder 
Diggers/Oscar CD32
Fast Food Dizzy
Magicland Dizzy
Master Axe
Ninja Warriors
Oscar AGA oem
Robozone (disks)
Stable Masters oem
Sublogic: W. Euro data disk
Suburban Commando
Tennis Cup 2
Thunder Blade
Total Carnage
Treasure Island Dizzy
World of Soccer (disk)

CD32 SALE (new & used)
Arabian Nights £10
Arcade Pool £8
Death Mask £8
Diggers/Oscar £2
European Superleague £8
Guardian £2
Guinness Disc of Records £5
Labyrinth of Time £9
Liberation £9
Microcosm £8
Myth £8
Nigel Mansell Wld Champs£8
Simon the Sorcerer £5
Strip Pot (18) £3
Super League Manager £3
Super Methane Brothers £8
Super Skidmarks £5
Superfrog £8
Trolls £8
Vital Light £8
Whales Voyage £8

DISK SALE (up to 50%!)
Abduction £5
Burnout AGA £5
Fears AGA oem £3
Master Axe £5
Pinball Mania AGA £5
Player Manager 2 Extra £5
Sixth Sense AGA [HD] £7
Skeleton Krew AGA £5
Street Racer AGA oem £3
Testament AGA £5
Tiny Troops £5
War Zone oem £3
Wiz N Liz £5

Ishido £15
Lethal Weapon £10
Pit Fighter £10
Powerplay £5
Projectyle £7
Rugby World Cup £10
RVF Honda £7
Savage £7
Stryxx £7
Striker £10
Switchblade 2 £7
Team Suzuki £7
Terminator 2 £7
Titan £7
World Cricket £7

ADI English (13/14) £10
ADI English (GCSE) £10
ADI French ( 13/14) £10
ADI French ( 14/15) £10
ADI French ( GCSE) £10
ADI Maths (12/13) £10
Better Maths (12/16) £10
Junior Typist £8

Data Retrieve oem £5
Image Link £10

10/10 English £5
17Bit Collection (2CD) £20
17Bit Continuation £10
ADI English (14/15) £8
Adult Sensation £5
AGA Experience CD £10
Ami Alignment System £5
Amiga Logo programming £10
Amiga Textcraft £5
Aminet 10 £5
Aminet 20 £5
Aminet Set 3 £30
Aminet Set 9 £15
BBC Playdays Paint £5
Blitz Basic 2.1 £10
Caligrapher Font Design £10
Deluxe Paint £5
Deluxe Paint 3 £5
Deluxe Print 2 oem £5
Digita Home Accounts £5
Digita Money Matters v3 £10
Digita System 3 £15
Epic Encyclopedia 98 CD £10
Epic Paranormal CD £8
Fractuality £10
Fun School 2 (over 8) £4
Hercules Copy £5
Hidden Truth £5
Icon Paint £5
Infofile £10
Interspread 2 £3
It's Only Rock & Roll £8
Learning Curve £10
Maths Adventure £5
Micro German £10
MR Backup Pro £8
Net Connect 1 CD £5
Net Connect 2 CD £8
Network CD2 £8
Play & Read: Sentences £5
Professional Draw 3 £10
Professional Utilities CD £5
Prowrite £10
Quartet Music £10
Software Explosion CD £3
Software Explosion 2 CD £3
Software Explosion 3 CD £3
Spritz £5
Superbase £10
Synchro Express Backup £5
Tipster Pro (punter) £8
Transwrite £8
Transwrite oem £5
Vista (disk) £2
Vista £5
Winbench 98 £10

Adventurer's Lair CD £10
Craps Academy £5
Jimmy White Snooker £10
Kick Off 2 £3
Kick Off 3 £10
Man. Utd. Euro Champ £5
Master Axe £3
Nick Faldo's Golf £5
Oscar AGA oem £4
Out Run £5
Overkill AGA £5
PGA Tour Golf + £10
Populous £10
Populous World Ed. £5
Premier Manager 2 £10
Premier Manager 3 £10
Pro Football Sim £5
Reach for the Skies £10
Robocop 3 £10
Shadow Fighter AGA £10
Sim Earth £10
Simon the Sorcerer £8
Snapperazi £3
Sorcerer Lord £8
Speris Legacy £10
Street Fighter 2 £5
Sublogic: W. Euro disk £3
Suburban Commando £3
Tennis Cup 2 £2
Test Drive £5
Thunder Blade £3
Total Football £10
Treble Champions 2 £5
Virt. Computer Pets CD £3
Word Games CD £5