Well, this issue, I was busy trying out another P2P utility.

The P2P in question was Imesh. Imesh V3 , no less.

I got the installer from CNet, as per usual and the installation archive is 2.85mb.

IMesh is one of the peer to peer networking systems that makes use of third party software to keep it free. These pieces of software include the likes of Gator.

Those have read my previous reviews of P2P utilities may remember that these pieces of software are also known as “spyware”. Spyware is now a large business and the usual use of it is to collect information about you and your browsing habits, searches etc . This helps them target you better for business offers. Of course, it also means that they have a file on you J

            However, as I also previously explained, the likes of Ad-Aware can help by removing all spyware from your system. Some programs will not work after you remove the spyware and IMesh is one such. Of course, there are other methods, the use of a firewall such as ZoneAlarm can block any program from connecting to the internet.

            So, with this in mind, I went ahead and installed the P2P.

Usually in these articles, I first install the utility and then after trialling it, remove it and reinstall taking grabs as I do so. This helps fill out the article and gives you a break from reading………by looking at the pretty pictures.

As you can see so far, there’s no grabs! Hmm, wonder why?

Back to the main story. As I said, I installed IMesh and didn’t tick any options for any more of the “free” software than I was forced into. It did try and get me to become a “better” IMesh customer but I ignored it and ploughed on.

            Installation completed, IMesh started and I logged onto the Net to help set up an account.

            This is when my troubles began………….

Firstly, my computer came up with a “RunDLL “ failure requester.

Strange…….I decided not to acknowledge it, knowing that if I did, it would cause an immediate crash.

 Try it and see, if you want.

IMesh completed its checks and started. I did a search, which went fast enough and came up with a few results. Downloading worked as well. Ok, it works. Time to shut everything down and try again. I closed my connection and IMesh. IMesh promptly crashed. I eventually had to reset the computer.

            After doing a scandisk (after the crash), I rebooted. ZoneAlarm crashed. I rebooted. Zonealarm started normally, but Internet Explorer crashed when it started and Dopus wouldn’t load either. I rebooted once again……..yup, most programs crashed when I tried starting them, ZoneAlarm, Dopus, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express are all ones that I tried. Oh, and IMesh tried to start the internet connection on bootup. It took three attempts but I managed to get add/remove programs working.

I removed IMesh !!!

I then ran Ad-Aware which  found over 29 known spyware programs!!!!

I then rebooted (gets tedious doing this) and re-ran Ad-Aware. It found another program, which it removed for me. I went online again and ZoneAlarm crashed! I reset the machine and went through the rigmarole yet again. No matter what I tried, my machine (which was reasonably solid for a Windoze machine) kept crashing.

I eventually had to do a restore from a few days before.

So, let me recap……………..

Download IMesh and send it to an enemy!!!!

Do not, under any circumstances, ever install it on your beloved computer.

If you do……………….please ensure that you make a restore point BEFORE you install it!!!

This may just be a peculiarity of my machine…………..but do you feel lucky?

I must say that this has been the worst experience of trying out a P2P system I have ever had……..and I’ve trialled quite a few.

Do yourself a favour and download any of the others before this one.


By Ian Urie
PC Technical Editor