Search and Destroy


As you know, I tried out Ad-Aware some time ago, and a boon it has proved to be.

However, the reference update file hasn’t been updated for quite a while.

This has meant that more (and newer ) spyware can’t be detected at present by Ad-Aware. So what to do now?

Well, there are a number of other programs that do the same job. I had a look around and came up with  Search and Destroy.

Search and Destroy has no evil surprises when installing…………and, a nice touch, the programmer dedicates his software to the most wonderful girl on Earth. Lucky girl J

Search and Destroy has quite a few other features apart from detecting spyware.

It has a function to check for an update, for instance. S&D isn’t using a reference file but has it coded internally.

It has tools built in …………

such as the “secure shredder” for files that you would rather weren’t  able to be brought back.

The tools also include letting you see the tasks in your startup……..and helps explain what they are and if you need them.

It has a recovery option as has Ad-Aware, so you can remove files and then restore them if they upset your machine.

S&D has lots of little popups that help explain the program and help with options and program files it will let you delete.

The program also comes with its help system .

It is a very useful program and will happily delete all those nasty spyware programs on your drive.

Another handy little thing it does is remove your tracks on the drive e.g. the most recently opened files listings in programs.

This will clean last opened directory, files etc from most programs.

Its as well to double click on a file that it gives the option to delete, the information it gives may well help stop you having to recover files…….

You can also disclude something that S&D would rather destroy simply by going through its extensive lists and marking them as excluded.

How well does the program work? Well, its fast, and most informative when you run it. It does get rid of a vast list of spyware, but I would check for updates regularly. All these programs are like virus checkers, they are only as good as the latest version……and spyware like virii are always getting updated.

Give this one a go and see if its to your taste.

By Ian Urie