Christmas Flower Centre


This flower arrangement can be made in any size.  Play around with it until you achieve the look you like.

What You Need

Large basket (that sits flat)
Knife (to cut Styrofoam)
Pine branches
Poinsettias, other large flowers
Baby's breath, or other fillers
Decorative wrapping paper, optional
Fake moss, optional
Ribbon for bow, optional

How To Make It


Cut the Styrofoam to fit the basket.  Note: The Styrofoam has to fit the basket tightly and you need to cut smaller pieces and wedge them in to the spaces around the original rectangle.  That gives a tight solid base to stick the arrangement in.

Order of adding flowers:
Large filler (pine branches) that forms the base of the arrangement.
Large flowers (poinsettias here), small number carefully positioned.
I also have a large robin somewhere in this arrangement just for fun.
Medium flowers like the holly sprigs here.
Small filler comes last and fills in the gaps in the arrangement.
If any of the foam shows, you should cover it with fake moss or crepe paper or something.

Work from top down but lift it and look at it from different angles as you work to see the effect.  Don't be afraid to take flowers out and move them around till you're happy with the effect.  Pick the ones you want to use carefully at the beginning to get a good colour and texture combination.  Add decorative wrapping paper and tie with a bow if you desire.