Changing the Desktop Wallpaper


No need for anyone to be stuck with boring old Desktop Wallpaper  (Wallpaper is really just a background Picture).  Why not install a photo of your Kids/Garden/Car or what ever you want.

Following are the instructions to change what is known as the wallpaper or background of your desktop.   Depending on your version of Windows, you may see some small differences between these instructions and your dialog boxes, but it sould be similar. 

Right click on a blank area on your desktop.   You will see a menu similar to the one shown below.


Left click on Properties.

You will see the Display Properties dialog box similar to the one shown below. 


Click on the Desktop, Wallpaper or Background tab (depending on your version of Windows) at the top of the dialog box. 

You'll now see a screen similar to that shown below.


Click the Browse button.   Maneuver to the folder where you have saved the picture you want to use on the desktop (the My Documents folder).   Click on the filename of the picture; click the Open button.

Choose the Position of the picture - center, stretch or tile.   Take a look at the preview; choose the position that looks best.

Click the OK button, and you should now see your picture on the desktop.  Easy!