The Delights of Web Surfing

Having recently installed broadband,  the Internet has been opened up to us.  What was once a very quick stab but elaborate affair - Google enquiry, find site, visit, download in text to read later, disconnect, read, want to follow a link, reconnect, follow link, repeat steps, read.............etc, to save costs is now a thing of the past.  With an always-on connection, the world is just a few clicks away and a leisurely read on line following all links is easy and free.

Of course, there is a new problem - following links and ending up somewhere totally strange, wanting to show someone else later, and you can`t retrace your route.  You go on to find an answer to a question or problem, and can get side-tracked, leaving you without answers, but amused or amazed by something quite different.

On a recent surf, intending to find a Japanese dictionary or translator site (which failed), I became distracted by other things, following links again, and visited Japanese Pizza Parlours (!! Squid Ink toppings ?!!), eventually linking to a site which seemed very strange  ( , and read the whole site, over a couple of days.  I have a notepad and pen now at the side of the computer to take down the URLs of interesting sites so I can revisit.  On reading it all, I clicked on another link out of curiosity - a cartoon strip - with a strange name - Geek Salad.

This, despite it`s name, is a very enjoyable read.  To get the most from this cartoon strip, please read from the first strip to the present, as all the strips are linked and refer back to each other.   There are a few which stand alone, also a few guest strips, when the author was ill, which link very well.  Take time to read the author`s notes also, which appear under the strips as time progresses, as these can be amusing also.

The author is Warwick Rendell, who is Australian, although the content is universal.  On reading his FAQ, it appears that he had the ideas, but not the art of drawing strips.   Undaunted, he started and the strip grew as he perfected the characters, appearing eventually in colour up to the present time.  Strips are now posted early on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and is one of the first sites I go to on those days, for a glimpse of the latest offering.

Let`s meet the main character and allow him to introduce himself.


It appears that web based cartoon strips are quite common and popular, although this was the first I had seen.  Following a few links from Geek Salad, we have discovered others, although Geek Salad remains our favourite.   In his characters I can recognise some people I know, both from work and closer to home, although they may not appreciate being labelled as a geek!

Long may he be able to continue, juggling work, home life and the strip, to amuse many.  It`s our pleasure to be able to introduce to you the world of -

Geek Salad - because salad is good for you   !



Liz & Baz

All graphics appearing on this page are copyright Warwick Rendell and are used with his kind permission.