Gladiateur - the Game is an adventure strategy game being developed for Sept Films / Universal Music by Genesi S..r.l. (in co-operation with e.p.i.c Interactive Entertainment GMBH and Phoenix Developer Consortum) for release in 2004 on MorphOS, and will be ported to Mac, Amiga OS4, Linux and Windows.

Drawing inspiration from the forthcoming Eli Chouraqui stage production of the same name, Gladiateur follows the true history of Spartacus the Thracian, the gladiator whose dreams of freedom inspired an army of 120,000 slaves to rise up against the fearsome power of Rome.


A Brief Introduction

Gladiateur - the Game

Training school :- with a handful of trained gladiators to help you. As the narrative progresses you'll have to gain your freedom and the freedom of as many other gladiators as you can to get the rebellion going.

This isn't a game where you enter a near-empty new land each level - you'll find yourself in populated landscapes, with towns, villages, military camps, bandits and more to deal with.  Do well and the word will spread - soon the oppressed masses will be flocking to your banner.  Train them, equip them well, and you'll have an army to lead.

Of course to do this you'll have to keep busy.  You'll need plenty of loot if you want to equip your new army well, but careful who you steal from, or you might find those oppressed masses more scared of you than they are the Romans - not good if you need to trade with them or recruit them later!  As you win battles you'll find the local villages more and more likely to help you out - make the right friends and soon you'll have smiths working their forges to make the swords your army needs.

Gladiateur will bring in elements of the RPG genre.  The gladiators at your command (and Spartacus himself) are not just "units" with a few combat stats.  They've got skills, and can be trained with more.  You can equip them all cheaply or try to provide them with the best weapons and armour available to give them the best chance.  Should you concentrate your Combining aspects of adventure, RTS and RPG gameplay, Gladiateur will be a unique and rich gaming experience in a historically accurate setting.  Features of the game will include:

Gladiateur will be developed using the engine from the Funatics game Northland.

Northland is a sophisticated Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game of the culture building type, which makes it very appropriate for the setting of Gladiateur.  It has an impressive graphics engine which will allow us to bring the landscape of 1st century BCE Italy to vivid life.  It boasts a feature-rich gaming environment that allows the limits of the genre to be pushed - Northland packs strong adventure and exploration elements as well as the resource management and tactics elements usual to this style of game.  All in all, Northland will provide an excellent base for Gladiateur.

So is Gladiateur just an expansion pack for Northland?  A few new graphics, some different music?  Far from it.  We're building on the Northland engine as well as taking what's already there in new directions.  Gladiateur follows a historical narrative that lets you lead Spartacus in his struggle for freedom.



Illustration: Michael Quinn & Andrew Korn

Gladiateur - the Game