All About Icons


Straighten Up Your Desktop

If your icons on the desktop are all over the place, it makes it hard to find what you are looking for, and also looks very sloppy.  Can you easily line them up without having to drag each and every one?

Yes, you can.

You can choose Align to Grid.  Each icon will then line up in a straight line, both horizontally and vertically.  You can still move them to any location on your desktop, but they‚ll remain in the grid format.  To do so, right click on the desktop, point to Arrange icons by, left click on Align to Grid.

Or, choose Auto Arrange.   All icons will align in a straight line, both horizontally and vertically and stay on the left side of the desktop.  To do so, right click on the desktop, point to Arrange icons by, left click on Auto arrange.

For Amiga Users

list your icons in alphabetical order

Select all the icons in your selected window using Right Amiga-A, and select UnSnapshot from the menu, then select update and the icons will be in Alphabetical order!.  Now select Shapshot Window for the icons to order theirself in the window.

Create Your Own Icons


Icons are just small pictures on your desktop that identify a program or file; that you double click on to open a program or file.

You can easily create your own icons using the Paint program.  Here's how:

Open Paint:  Click Start, Programs, Accessories, and Paint.

In the Paint program, click Image on the menu bar, then Attributes.

Make the Height and Width 32 pixels, and click OK.

Click View, Zoom, and Custom.  Choose 800% and click OK.  (this magnifies the image, making it easier for you to create your drawing).

Click View, Zoom, and then Show Grid.   This will display horizontal and vertical lines for you to help you create your icon.  These lines will not display on the final graphic.

Create your new icon.

Save it as a ico file. To do so, type the filename you want, then .ico  (note ‚ the period followed by ico.  Ex cat.ico)

Close the Paint program when you are done.

Using Your New Icon

Right click on the Program icon you want to change.  Left click on Properties from the resulting menu.  Click the Change Icon button.  (Windows versions will differ;  click on the tabs at the top of the dialog box to find the Change Icon button)

Click the Browse button.  Maneuver to the My Documents folder or to the My Pictures folder  (if you saved your new icon in a different folder, go to that folder)

Click on your icon to select it;  click the open button.   Click the OK button.

Note: depending on your Windows version, you may have to turn the computer off and on again to see the icon change.