Origami Boulder Company


Well in all my days as Editor of the CRYPT, I thought I had seen many strange websites, But this one must take the Biscuit.  The url for this site was posted through to me via Staff Writers Baz & Liz, To be honest ... When I received it I didn't really think to much ...a quick click and the site loaded ...I started to read ...and the penny suddenly dropped.

Origami - Art of Paper folding

Boulder- Sodding great rock

In reality this site was selling what would be best described as scrunched up paper  (The type found in many office wastepaper bins)  and charging $10 for it!


Now!  at first I thought to myself, This is a fun site, However despite going back to the site on several occasions, I cannot make up my mind if this is serious or not.  The text on the site is certainly in broken English, But in such a way that it seems obvious that the person writing it, is trying to fool you into thinking he is oriental.

The site is certainly amusing, and the person "Pulls" no punches when defending his product or "Art" as he likes to describe it.


So anyone want to buy an  "Origami Boulder"? ...With recent sales on Ebay of item like:

1 UK 1 coin
1 UK 1pence piece
1 Fluffy Cloud
1 Absolutely nothing  (Free Postage?)

Concidering that these items received several bids and eventually sold, in my mind is proof that people are crazy enough to purchase anything, So why not an Origami Boulder?

I just hope that this person has another means of income :)