JB1 James Bond Stealth Camera


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James Bond really does have it all, doesn't he?  He hasn't aged a day in 40 years, he gets his pick of beautiful women, and best of all, his old pal Q never fails to find him the kind of gadgets that make boys' toy lovers like ourselves drool.  And the JB1 Stealth Camera, the first ever officially licensed James Bond digital camera, is no exception.

The JB1 looks exactly like a stylish silver Zippo lighter, easily and innocently stored in a shirt or suit pocket.  But it isn't a flame that pops up when you flip the lid - it's a tiny multi-function, point and click digital camera! Useless for lighting fine Cuban cigars, but fantastic for taking sneaky pics, recording video clips and secret messages, and even snapping shots when you're not there thanks to a Surveillance Mode!

With seven different modes, the JB1 is something of a miniature photographic marvel.  It features a Quick Shot mode where you don't even need to turn the camera on; just flip your lid and shoot!  Let's face it, there's no time for faffing about when a KGB agent is escaping and you need photographic evidence.

But even better is the Surveillance Mode.  In this mode, you can set the JB1 to take snaps at a choice of eight pre-set intervals, from every minute to every 90 minutes.  So even if you're off seducing Jinx or Pussy Galore, you can still take covert snaps of people getting up to all kinds.  Strictly in the interests of national security of course.  Who'd suspect an innocent `lighter'?

The JB1 also works as a still camera, video clip recorder, web cam, voice recorder and data storage device.  You can take up to 150 shots in hi res mode (310 in low res), and you also get a comprehensive software package to make downloading your pics a breeze.

For top level performance combined with an immaculate appearance, the JB1 beats the man himself.  It comes in attractive slide-out silver packaging with official logos, and even features extra software for producing James Bond video mail and greeting cards.  It's the great looking, sharp snapping camera that every spy lover just has to own.

Measures a tiny 6 x 4cm! 1 x AAA battery.

Package includes:

JB1 Stealth Camera
CD-ROM with software: James Bond Auto-downloader, James Bond Control Panel, James Bond Image Editor, James Bond Greeting Cards (password protected), James Bond Video Mail (password protected); and drivers
Soft carrying pouch
USB lead
AAA battery
Multi-lingual instruction manual

Digital Still Camera
Surveillance Mode: record images at 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 45, 60 and 90 minute intervals
Quick Shot Mode
Video Clip Recorder
Web Cam
Voice Recorder
Data Storage Device
Low power consumption with auto energy save mode: 1 x AAA provides power for over 2000 shots
PC and Mac compatible
10 second self-timer
Built-in flash
Battery life indicator
Litesync technology for enhanced indoor lighting in low light conditions - mode switch for 50/60 MHz lighting LCD Display
2-digit LCD screen
Shows % of memory left for pictures
Shows % of memory left for voice recording
Instant all-picture delete function

Digital Still camera image capacity: 150 @ 640x480 (hi res); 310 @ 320x240 (low res)
Video Clip Recording capability: Up to 30 seconds of video with sound @ 320 x 240 resolution
Audio capacity: 8 minutes
Internal Memory: 8MB (not upgradeable)
Image sensor/capability with software enhancement: 0.3 megapixel VGA
System Requirements:
PC: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
MAC: MAC OS8.6 or above with USB support (Mass Storage Only). Quicktime or similar Image viewing application
PC Pentium 166Mhz minimum
32MB RAM (20MB+ on HDD)
USB port
VGA monitor
CD-ROM drive

JB1 James Bond Stealth Camera
Boys Stuff Price: 64.95

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