Underwater Camera

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Take below sea-level pics with a 35mm camera?  It's possible with the new fully waterproof Underwater Camera.

Normally if you dropped your camera in the water, it'd be time to buy a new camera.  This camera is not only waterproof, but specifically designed for taking pictures underwater.  Thanks to a clear watertight casing, you can take clear shots up to 3 metres below the surface!

Ever been scuba diving?  Maybe you've seen some amazing sights and wished you could photograph them.  Now you don't need hideously expensive professional equipment to do just that.  Okay, so you won't be troubling David Attenborough any time soon, but your holiday snaps should be a lot more interesting.

Maybe you want to discover the mysteries of the deep (or the old bikes in the local canal.)  But if you're not planning to go swimming with tropical fish, a waterproof camera still has a range of uses.  Take holiday snaps without worrying about dropping your camera in the sea or the pool.  The camera is also ideal for trekking, mountain hikes, camping or boat trips.

The Underwater Camera has a built-in flash, a focus free 28mm lens and two viewfinders:  one for above the surface, one for below.  Yes, you can take pictures above water level with it too.  The casing also features an easy release mechanism for when you want to replace the film or flash battery.

Uses 1 x AA battery, included.

Measures 13.5 x 8.5 x 5cm.

Waterproof up to 3m
Built-in Flash
Reusable with standard 35mm film
2 viewfinders for above or below surface shots
Focus free 28mm lens
Use with or without casing

Underwater Camera
Boys Stuff Price: 14.95

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