A One-Two Punch for Weight Loss

by Dan Chase,


Give your extra weight a "One-Two Punch" and get a new bod in time for the holidays.  Here's how:

ONE: Prepare your mind.

Your body doesn't want to carry around extra weight.  But the mind gets in the way sometimes by constantly repeating negative thoughts--thoughts that weight loss is terribly difficult and that exercise is a big old pain.  So prepare your mind to lose weight and keep it off by changing the way you think about the process.

You can think of losing weight either as a drudgery or as a gift to yourself...a gift that involves fueling your body naturally with healthy, energizing foods.


Your weight loss *will* be a gift you give to yourself (and everyone you meet) because, when you are no longer carrying around that extra weight, you are automatically and immediately freed up to think about a lot of other things--things much more important in this world than your hips and thighs.

One way to prepare your mind is to use a subliminal tool.  These can be remarkably effective, but you must be careful when shopping around for these.  Here are some tips:

TWO: Do It.

You've got to give something to get something, which means it's time to get nitty-gritty.  Usually, this begins with a bit of a reality check regarding portion sizes.  For the first few days, you are probably going to feel hungry, but, before long, your body will get used to the new foods you're fueling it with, and it will show its gratitude to you by zapping you with all kinds of new energy.


It's important to get educated about nutrition and to make sure you're not sacrificing health for smaller hips.  Weight Watchers is well known for its healthy approach.  And has an online program for a lot of today's popular food programs, including Atkins.

PUNCH: Empower yourself with fitness.

Don't think of exercising as a way to burn calories.  While exercise is a critical component of a healthy body, you aren't going to be dropping a lot of pounds if you finish up a workout with a slice of cheesecake (or even a sugary sports drink).


Exercise is better thought of as a way to consciously and actively change your perception of your body-from something that's at the mercy of mysterious outside forces to something that you control and create with your own effort.

Regular exercise reminds us that we can, in very little time, shape our bodies in new and beautiful ways.  It's all up to us.   And then we take that reminder with us when we are faced with food choices.

Now go do the One-Two Punch. It all starts today--right now-- with you.


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