Belkin 2 Port KVM Switch

By Steve Evans


I`ve got 2 PC`s, one is my workhorse that runs the ftp server for collecting articles for the magazine it also runs the Team Speak server for TCC (The Computer Club) The other runs all my games so I don`t get any lag from the internet connection. Now the problem I`ve got is I don`t have much room, so I can only have one monitor on the desk. Before I bought the new Belkin switch, I used to use a VGA monitor switch box, but it meant I still had to swap over keyboards and mice to move from one PC to the other, which inevitably lead to cables being tangled.

Then I went round to Phil`s house and he showed me a new switch he`d just bought for his PC`s, and all he was doing to switch from one machine to the other was pressing Scroll Lock twice then the Up key. No more messing around with moving keyboards and mice around, no more tangled cables! This was just what I was looking for, and when he told me he got his from Novatech for just £ 26 I just had to get myself one.


2-Port KVM Switch bundled with cables

The 2-port KVM Switch is an affordable switching solution that saves workspace while giving you control of two PS/2 computers from one console. It frees up desktop space and draws power off the keyboard, eliminating the need for a power supply. The Switch includes such features as mouse and keyboard emulation, to ensure smooth boot up and operation, as well as hot key functionality so you can switch ports easily through simple keyboard commands. The unit supports high-quality video resolution of up to 1920x1440@65Hz (through a 200MHz video bandwidth) when used with the included coaxial VGA cabling. Its auto-scanning functionality, LED indicators, and PC99 color connectors make operation and organization easy.

• Includes two 6 ft. OmniView KVM Cables Kits
• Supports video resolution of up to 1920x1440@65Hz
• Supports multiple operating systems
• Comes with a Belkin Three-Year Warranty and Free Technical Support
• Features hot key switching
• Includes automatic scanning function
• Offers keyboard and mouse emulation
• Requires no power supply