Tyres: Rolls-Royce's inflated tyre prices?

Submitted by - Chris Skelhorn


How much do you expect to pay for a new tyre?  Around £40 - £50 is average - but owners of the Rolls-Royce Phantom are looking at a seriously wallet-busting experience if they get a puncture.  At £700 per corner, the Michelins fitted to the luxury limousine are the most expensive tyres on any road car in Britain today.


What's more, their PAX run-flat technology - which enables the car to be driven for 100 miles at up to 50 mph - means they can't be repaired.

The tyres had to be specially made for the £250,000 Phantom, due to it's 2.5 tonne bulk, 150 mph performance, and massive 21-inch alloy wheels.  And you can't even pick one up in your local high street - the rubber can only be bought from one of the six Rolls-Royce dealers in the UK.  However, owners won't have to visit a showroom - the firm sends it's specialist tyre fitters to stricken cars anywhere in the country within 24 hours.

A spokesman for Rolls-Royce told us:  "We believe the cost of the tyre is reasonable, due to the technology and rubber used - plus the fact that for the first four years of ownership the replacement fitting service is included in the price."

How much do other Michelin tyres cost?

Vauxhall Corsa£40
Vauxhall Vectra£90
BMW 7-Series£561 (Sold through Alpina)
Williams F1 car£700
Boeing 747£1,000
CAT 797 Dumper truck£30,000


Reprinted with permission from Auto Express October 15th 2003.

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