A Season Of Giving

By B.L.Cann


Time's come for Christmas, that true time of giving,
Thanks for the gift of a life worth the living,
Be mindful of those who be less well at ease,
Or suffering with some unpleasant disease!


The child without parents, who would wish it not so,
Or displaced without a home to which they can go,
For even the meek have their story to tell,
So follow the words of the One we know well.

Never mind the lights, and the glamour and glitter,
By New Year's Day all will be nothing but litter,
Give something to someone by giving a thought,
And maybe their life'll be slightly less fraught!


For this is the season for goodwill to all men,
And though it has been said again and again,
A smile and a genuine wish for to hear,
To all "Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!