I recently had to reinstall one of my favourite games after buying a new hard drive. Unfortunately my copy of Command and Conquer Renegade had so many scratches it wouldn`t install, the PC couldn`t read "Setup.exe"

So what do you do? Do you go out and buy a new copy? or do you try to fix the original disk? I had a look around the net to see what was available, and I came across Skip Dr on Amazon. The write up sounded good, and the reviews seemed promising to I thought I`d give it a go. At around 30 it seemed a good investment if it worked, as the wheel can repair around 100 disks before it needs replacing.

So the parcel arrived in due cause, and the instructions seemed easy enough. Here they are -

Simple Directions

Press tab located on crank handle side of resurfacing unit at front and gently open lower jaw. Snap circular disc holder onto lower jaw spindle

Snap damaged disc (label side down) into disc holder. Make sure the edges of the disc are not protruding above the protective rim on the disc holder. Spray entire disc with provided Resurfacing Fluid.* Close jaw.
*Resurfacing Fluid is completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Turn crank handle until disc makes one complete revolution in counterclockwise direction. (Note: disc rotates slowly.)

Flip reversibility switch (located above grip) to left. This will reverse disc rotation direction. (Respray as necessary to keep disc damp.) Turn crank handle until disc makes one complete revolution in clockwise direction.

Open jaw of resurfacing unit and remove disc from disc holder. Dry disc thoroughly with provided aqua-colored drying cloth. Fold drying cloth and place on clean flat surface. Place disc (label side down) on folded drying cloth.
Note: Buffing on a hard or uneven surface can permanently damage the disc.

Buff disc to restore shiny appearance with felt buffing square by scrubbing back and forth across disc surface with firm, even pressure. Wipe away any fingerprints or debris with drying cloth.


So did it work? Yes! First time! I can still see a couple of faint scratches on the disk, but they obviously arn`t bad enough for the PC to read them. Would I recommend the Skip Dr? Yes again. This is a wonderful tool, and so easy to use if you follow the directions properly and ALWAYS keep the disk wet when resurfacing.

So where can you get the Skip Dr from? Well I got mine from Amazon, but I see it`s also available from my local Azda store and I would think any good PC retailer. Failing that there website is http://www.skipdoctor.com


By Steve Evans