Amiga Tips and Tricks


Are you using your Amiga to make up HTML pages for your web site?  If so here is a little tip for you:

Ask on any mailing list about HTML Files and people will scream at you :  Get a good book and write the code using a normal text editor.

Well can't argue with that.  This IS the best way to LEARN HTML codes.  However I personally see nothing wrong with using one of the many Amiga html editors to speed things up.

So regardless what you are using to write your Web pages, The annoying part is when you have completed your page saved it, and then discover several small mistakes when you view it in your browser. GRR!

The natural action is to "fire" up your editor again, load the page and re-adjust the codes, and do a second check with your browser.

For a slightly quicker solution, And certainly is using Ibrowse  (Works in Aweb but not sure about Voyager).  When you view your page and notice an error.  Go to The Ibrowse Menu bar and click on:  Webpage/Display Source.

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The source code for your page in now displayed and can be adjusted/altered and then saved.  You can even click on the "Update" button to reload the ammended file back into the Browser.

Making life simple and easy.

Sizing Graphics for your HTML files

The CRYPT uses a lot of Graphics or Animations in its pages.  If using graphics in you site, The important thing is to ensure they are displayed properly by including the correct "Height" and "Width" attributes.

Now there is several ways to get the correct size of the graphics, You could simply load them into PPaint  (you don't need to actually load the graphic ..but you will be given it's correct size).

The only problem with this ...Is you might have several screens open at the same time Text Editor/PPaint/Browser etc.

So you find the graphic size in PPaint  (Say 130 x 150)  and you keep repeating this numbers to yourself while flicking through the screens to get back to your editor 130 X 150 ...130 X 150

130 x SOD IT ...Yup ...You can't remember the second part!

A simple way around this is to load the graphic in "MysticView" &bsp;Have this program running In either your Workbench screen or your Editor Screen  (Select in mysticview settings)

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Now when you load your selected graphic into Mysticview, The size is clearly displayed for you.

Easy editing of Text files

A Little tip for adjusting or editing Text  (either in HTML files or plain text).

Once again this will not work in all programs so check it out first.

Double clicking the first letter of a word, Highlights the full word ... You can now copy/paste or delete as required.

Treble clicking the first letter of a line, highlights the full line and that line of text can be copied/pasted or deleted as required.

This is a lot easier than trying to highlight a letter and draw the mouse over the text to remove the desired portions.


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