Copy your Internet Favorites to a New Computer


Did you get a new computer for Christmas?  would like to get your Internet Explorer favorites onto the new computer.   Easy ... Here's how.

On the old computer, open Internet Explorer.   Click File on the menu, then Import and Export.  This will open the Import/Export wizard.  Click Next and then select what you want to do; in this case, Export Favorites.  Click Next.

In the next window, you can choose to export your entire Favorites folder, or individual sub-folders.  Since you want to export everything, click Favorites at the top of the list.  Click Next.

You will want to export to a file, so make sure Export to a File or Address is selected, and then click the Browse button to choose the location you want to export to.  The floppy drive would work well for this;  select 3 1/2 floppy A:  from the Save in drop down list.  Click Save.

Click Next, and then Finish.

To put your favorites on your new computer, insert the floppy disk in the drive.   Open Internet Explorer and follow the steps above, choosing Import instead of export.

RIYAN Productions