DVD Tower

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Desperate for somewhere to store your DVDs? Take a squizz at this.  Anyone who's anyone has a DVD player these days, but just where do you put all the DVDs?  CD and video racks are everywhere, but have you ever seen a decent DVD storage unit?  We hadn't - so we sent our buyers out on a mission to do something about it.

This stylish graphite-coloured unit not only holds a lot more DVDs than a shoebox, but looks a hell of a lot more attractive too.   It holds 40 standard size DVDs, and when you want to get one out, just press it in, and the retro-style `eject' mechanism pops it out for you.  Remember those pop-out cassette holders no car was complete without in the 80s?  It'll all come flooding back.

The DVD Tower is both practical and attractive, and its design will fit in with most styles of décor.   No more tripping over scattered boxes (or listening to a house-proud partner moaning about them being all over the floor.)

Measures 87 x 26 x 20cm. Holds 40 standard DVD cases.

DVD Tower
Boys Stuff Price: £49.95

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