The Domino Column


Sheech ...Just back from my lunchtime walk, my feet are killing me.  What is it with you humans, The winter arrives and you spread Grit all over the roads and pavements.  Razor sharp slivers of stone that slice up a doggies paws as clean as a whistle.  Not content with this un-humane treatment, you mix salt in with it!  Have you ever spread salt of an open cut ... Sheech... and I don't even have a pair of socks to protect me.

I hate winter .... Old grumble guts looks out the window, high winds and snowing ...He covers up with a Woolen Jumper, a thick fleeced lined jacket, a scarf and thick woolen gloves.  On goes the gumboots .... "Are you ready for your walk ...Domino"

EH? .. What protection do I get from the artic weather ...a Buddy Coller ...Fact lot of good that'll do me.


Then he drags me out ...10 minutes later he is screaming  "DOMINO"  at the top of his voice ...But I'm standing right beside him.

I'm a buddy Dalmatian ...We are White with Black spots, and this Dumb Human can't find me in the snow ...God give me strength!

We get back to he house, He gets a hot plate of Soup to warm him up ... Me, I get a bowl of ice cold water ...Just the thing on a Winters day.

I wish I was a Budgie ...They don't go for walks.



RIYAN Productions