by Baz Cann


I'm glad that I'm single, and out of the trap,
Of the institution called "a marriage",
False hopes and ambitions left to fulfil,
And without a gleaming white carriage !
The Devil's advocate in a human form,
Was the reality of my wedlock,
As healthy and true as a bolt from the blue,
And as mild as a large dose of Hemlock !


To honour, and cherish, till death do us part,
Those words echo round in my mind,
With a smile that was sweet, but eyes that were apart,
And a heart that was black and unkind.
They say that you never know someone for sure,
Until the going gets too rough,
When the rough get to going, and going she went,
And that was the bit that was tough !

womanmad.gif      suitcase.gif

And now we've parted and have separate lives,
She thinks still that I give a damn,
But that I've got over, I've grown in my mind,
For that's the kind of guy I am !
So here's some advice for those in the trap,
From two folk who've already been through it,
For all that they're nice, and you wouldn't think twice,
Just keep a cool head, and don't do it !!!!!!


RIYAN Productions