Mo-Go NK33 - Instant Mobile Phone Charger

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BARGAIN OF THE MONTH Gives You Up to 50 minutes Talktime or 8 Hours Standby!

A mobile phone without power is suicide.  Social suicide that is.  You can't send text messages, you can't tell anybody where you are, or who you're with... you're useless!  Enter the amazing Mo- Go - the re-usable mobile phone charger that doesn't need a mains power supply  (great for Ibiza!),  and it fits onto your key ring.  Simple to use, you just plug the Mo-Go into the bottom of your phone.   It gives you up to 8 hours standby and up to 50 minutes talk time!  Re-usable again and again!  Avoid social death, get a Mo-Go.   Available for Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson - just specify your phone make and model number when ordering!  Pick your phone from the options below and we'll send you the right MoGo.

Suitable for Nokia 51200,  5125,   5160,  5165,  5110,  5180,  5185I,  5190,  6120,  6162,  6161,  6185,  6190,  7160,  8260,  8290,  8860,  8890,  3390,  6110,  6150,  3210,  8210,  8850,  3310,  6210,  6250,  8250

3 x AAA batteries.

Mo-Go NK33 - Instant Mobile Phone Charger
Boys Stuff Price: 1.95

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