A Cold Wind Bloweth

By B.L.Cann


And from the North a cold wind blow,
With promises of ice and snow,
As people scurry back and forth,
With provisions, for what they're worth.
With skies that turn from blue to grey,
And herald snow upon it's way,
So changeable the weather, see,
Within the time of year it be.


The ice comes first, to seek a hold,
Who venture out? Only the bold!
That slip and slide about the place,
Returning indoors at great pace!
Then comes the first of snow to come,
Which cheers the hearts of children some,
And yet in others instills fear,
Of landing hard, upon their rear!


Within the hour, all has changed,
The weather pattern re-arranged,
As slush gives way to rain in turn,
Again the grass is coloured fern.
And so it stays for hours more,
Until a hush of traffic's roar,
Through the front window then we see,
Thick snow in blizzard form round thee.


The snow it's coming thick and fast,
Will gritters be employed at last,
To render roads reasonably well,
Of course they will; like merry hell !
The freezing slush with snow on top,
Brings all the traffic to a stop,
And all is quiet, all is white,
As no-one's going home, tonight !


RIYAN Productions