Cleaning Your Computer


It is a good idea to clean out the inside of your computer every six months or so.  Good computer practice that can save you money later on.

Open Your computer case, and use short bursts of air to blow out the dust  (Compressed air can available from most Computer shops).

Make sure you hold the can upright, and only use short bursts of air.   A vacuum cleaner is not good to use because it can generate static electricity and cause damage to your computer.   Banish the Hoover

To clean the monitor, you can purchase a screen cleaner at a computer or office store. You cannot use window cleaner on the soft screens without causing damage.

You can use that other can of compressed air to clean the keyboard.   Shoot some air under the keys and that should remove any dust.

If the mouse has a ball, you should remove it and use a cotton bud to clean the gears inside.

For cleaning the case, use a non abrasive cleaner.  You can't go wrong with water and a little scrubbing! .. but be careful around any ventilation holes ..Water and computers don't really mix well.

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