DIY Doorbell Video Intercom

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Peepholes are very last century.   See AND hear visitors before you open the door with this easily installed video intercom.

You need never buy another duster!   Not because you're too lazy to clean   (although that might well be true for some of you),   but because you'll never have to answer the door to another salesman.  With the DIY Doorbell Video Intercom, you only let in who you want to.

If you're lucky enough to live in a fancy apartment block with video entry systems and porters, great.   But if your visitor vetting system is less hi-tech  (e.g. a door chain and a yell of `who is it?'),   this could be for you.   A weather resistant doorbell camera sends black and white images of your visitor to a mini monitor with a phone handset, installed indoors.  Simply pick up the handset and you can see, hear and speak to your visitor.

When a caller presses the doorbell, the camera comes on, the monitor chimes a doorbell tone and the viewing screen comes on automatically.   Just lift the handset to speak to the visitor, and they can reply into the microphone on the doorbell.  Or if you spot someone you definitely don't want to see, just don't lift the handset - get rid of your unwanted visitor without them even knowing you're in.

Never again will you answer the door thinking your Pepperoni Supreme has arrived, only to find yourself discussing the salvation of your soul with some bald chap in an orange frock.  Double glazing salesmen, carol singers, the mother-in-law - none of them can beat the DIY Doorbell Video Intercom.

As well as saving you from religious nuts and deranged exes with a penchant for rabbit stew, the DIY Doorbell Video Intercom is ideal for younger or older users too.   It's perfect for discouraging children from answering the door from strangers, and protects the vulnerable elderly from over-persuasive salesmen or con artists.

The DIY Doorbell Video Intercom is simple to use and comes with comprehensive installation instructions.  Security has never been so simple and convenient.

Package includes:

Handset monitor unit
Doorbell camera unit with 20m/66ft cable
Protective metal casing
Power adapter


Power consumption: 14W when on; 120mW when waiting
Display: 5.7" CRT angle display
Scan frequency: 15.6 KHz (H), 50Hz (V)
e sensor: 1/3 inch/8.5mm Black and White CMOS
t light source: 6 Infra-Red LED
shutdown time: 180 seconds
r: DC 12 - 16V

DIY Doorbell Video Intercom
Boys Stuff Price: 99.95

Available from:

RIYAN Productions