Snowing in a Past life?

By Fran Hafey/Mysti


Oh my gosh,  its snowing!!  Yea!  I'm like a little kid each time I see snow falling to the earth.  I am over 40, just a little, but even when I know that the snow may mess up the roads, cause havoc and shut down schools, I just don't care, because I love to watch it fall and see how beautiful everything is with it all over.  It's magical.  Everything sparkles and glistens like diamonds.  Even ugly stuff outside looks nice, like the trash that was left by the tree and not taken to the dump yet or the bare garden that is longing to be tilled once more when the soil is warmer.

I can't help myself.  I may go out in the snow for a little while, but I just don't really remember ever really loving winter weather.


I can remember when I was about five or six years old, how we bundled up to go out and play in the snow.  It reminds me of the movie on every Christmas "The Christmas Story" where the kid wants a bb gun and everyone keeps telling him, he'll shoot his eye out.  The mother wraps the brother up so much, he can barely move,  hehe.

It was my older sister and I, usually.  We lived on a hill up in the trees in the country.  I always let her talk me into getting on the sled and going down one of the hills.  Inevitably, I would always fall off, since I was usually in the back.  Sure enough, snow and ice would go down my pants and up my nose and I would get all wet and turn shades of red.  I would go into the house crying, because I was half frozen.  My Mom would make me stand by the fireplace till I thawed out.  She would always fuss at us about staying out too long.


It was fun... back then, lol.  The pond across the street would be frozen solid and in my boots, I would ice skate.  Amazing what we weren't afraid of then.  We would do all kinds of stuff and never get hurt.  I didn't have on a helmet or anything.  I just went right out in the middle of that pond and took my chances.  Gosh,  I would go nuts if my kids did that, lol.

So, I have never been really fond of playing or working out in the snow.  But, I sure do like how it falls and looks afterwards.

It must have been in a past life, when I lived in the Arctic or something.  Maybe it was when I was in Scotland or Wales and I lived in a drafty castle high on the hills and the snow came early and stayed late into the Spring.  Maybe I lived back during the ice age.  If anything that may have made me hate snow, so maybe not.

I can see a cottage in the glen with smoke coming from its chimney.  I was the woman of the house and my husband worked hard beside me to have what we had.  The snow would come and at night our fire would warm us in our cottage home.  We would hold each other close for warmth, but mostly for love.  We would bring in the dog, the cat, the ducks and all, to sleep round the fire.  The snow would fall and look so beautiful on our thatched roof, but sometimes we had to clear some off, so it wouldn't get so heavy and cave it in.


The snow stayed a long while and we worked hard all winter long.  Food was scarce, but love and snow were not.  Perhaps, snow makes me go back to those times when life was hard, but love was easy.  What a nice thought.

As I watch the snowfall today, outside the window of my house in the woods, my mind always takes me back to the past and of happy times.  Not always easy times, but happy times nonetheless.  I know I am very blessed for all my happy times in my past lives, my present and my days to come.

So, next time you see snow falling outside your window, if you live in a place where that may be possible, let the snow take you back.  Back to a time when life may have been hard, but love was not.

Written with love by Mysti~
Copyright: Mystickblue (c) January, 2004 All rights reserved.

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