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goddag og velkommen hen til den kryptisk magasin

Eh ...Pardon ...What is that all about?  ... Mm... if the above sentence makes little or no sense to you, don't be concerned.  I wrote it ..But it means nothing to me either.  Actually  (and I could be wrong)  it should be Danish and read "good morning and welcome to the crypt magazine"

Yes is a translation website.  It allows you to select your chosen language, write some text, then translate it into the language of your choice.

Not only is this handy should you wish to  (a) translate a webpage OR  (b) converse with someone who doesn't use your language.  It is also quite a bit of fun.  For example did you know:

'm sy camgwl yn disgwyl dafad

Is Welsh for:

My that is a fine looking sheep

EEK! ...No offence intended ...please don't overload my mailbox with complaints ..They didn't have a translation for Aberdonian.

Give this site a try

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