The Domino Column


Well.. I has an important job to do for the next couple of months.  The garden has become home to a pair of nesting birdies, and yours truely has to protect them against the vile Pussy.

Now its well known that Pussies can be dangerous to birdies.  They stalk them, they hunt them and they kill them.  Cruel or what?

I mean what has the poor birdies ever done to them?

Lets face it, if it wasn't for the birdies the world would be overrun with horrible insects, annoying buzzing things that fly around your head when your trying to get a sleep.

Now most Pussies run a mile when they see a big dog like me running at them,  But this one particular Pussy hasn't read the buddy Instructions.

NO..This pussy climbs over the garden fence, and heads towards the birdies nest .... CHARGE  DOMINO.

WOOF ...WOOF ...  Now this stoopid Pussy should have jumped out of its skin and hightailed it back over the fence ...but did it ..NOPE!

RIGHT .. its asking for a right good chewing it is!

So I goes right up to it .. and what does it do ..It spits in my face!

Now come on people ... that's not very nice .. If it was a footballer it would have been sent off.

Worse than that, while I had my eyes closed  (As you do what you get a faceful of spit)  it clouted me across the nose with its claws ... Dirty fighting or what.

Then ...THEN... it takes off without a backward glance, Leaving me covered in spit, bleeding and spoiling for a fight.

Is the wounded HERO welcomed back into the house and adorned with military honours?

Nope! ..I get a telling off for running throught the Flower beds!

Sheech! ...Did the soldiers in the Normandy landings get bollocked for walking through the Fields ..I doubt it.

Did the walking wounded  (Me)  get instant medical treatment?   NOPE! .. they spent the next 20 minutes replacing the flowers that I had knocked over.

Humans ...I'll never understand them.


What a cute little birdie ...Find your own bluddy page.



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