TIP: Don't Forget About Your Power Supply

Copyright 2004, Bill Platt
the Phantom Writers


Back in February, I updated my system and brought it into the 21st century at last.  With that faster, all-powerful, new video card and processor in place, I believed I was set.

Lo and behold, I have learned a lesson the hard way.  When you upgrade your video card and processor, you might need to upgrade your power supply also.

It seems that if your machine sucks too much processing power, the power supply will just shut down ... without notice or clue given in advance.  Just bam, and you are staring at a machine that powered down in a tenth of a second!


A new power supply is on its way, and my power management has been set to run with the fewest necessary resources.  I have even set my all-powerful, all-mighty video card to only process colors in 256-color mode.

Now, I must limp to the repair of my machine, knowing full well that if I run too many apps at one time, that I could find myself staring at a blank screen with that aweful feeling in the pit of my stomach.


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