Finding Files on Your Computer


Do youhave a hard time remembering where you saved your files.  Over time, you will probably accumulate hundreds of files on your system and, even with an excellent filing system, it is possible that you will not be able to recall where you put a particular file that you need or what you named it.  However, the Windows file searching utility frees you from remembering where every file is.

To start Find/Search:

1 - Click Start
2 - Select Find or Search  (depending on your version of Windows)
3 - Select Files And Folders...

With this dialog box, you can:

- Search for a folder
- Search for a file
- Search for a file by contents  (some word or words in the file)
- Search for a file by date created or modified
- Search for a file by type or size.

Before you start a search, decide which disk and folder you want to search.   Select the folder in the box called Search In or Look In  (depending on your version of Windows).  Windows searches down the folder list from there.  To search an entire disk, start the search from the disk drive letter, for instance,
Search In: C.

If you know that you keep all your files in folders in My Documents, you can start your search from C:\My Documents.  Search will look only in the My Documents folder and its sub-folders and ignore the rest of the drive.

Window displays search results  (all files or folders that match your criteria)  in a list from which you can perform most common file operations.  You can do any of the following tasks with files in the list:

Right-click a selected file to display a shortcut menu of commands you can use to work with the file.  Use the Cut command to move the file to another folder.  Use the Copy command to copy the file to another folder.  Use the Delete command to remove the file from your system.   Use the Properties command to see your file's attributes, such as its size, date of creation and whether or not it is a read only file.  Use the Send To command to send a copy of the file to a floppy disk.

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