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Do you enjoy the odd game of Chess?  I certainly do, however i am the only person in my family that plays, So computer Chess games are the way to go.

Now there has been a great many Chess games released on all computer platforms.  One i did enjoy on the Amiga was the excellent "Battle Chess" and spent many happy hours battling against he computer, until sadly the disk went corrupt.

The good news is that a New contender for the crown of "King of Chess Games" has arrived in the form of "HellChess" by "HellHound SG".

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HellChess is a Multi platform game, and is available for the following:

Intel Windows
Amiga, version for 68k processors.  This supports ECS/AGA and CyberGFX.
Amiga Lite Version is also available
Amiga PPC version available
Game Boy Advance

The Amiga version is available as a FREE Download.  Demo versions are available for other platforms and the full game can be purchased for a very reasonable price.

The Game features

huge AI engine which will make your singleplayer experience quite challenging !
lots of tutorials to make you better at chess every time !
every setting of the game is configurable through the userfriendly interface !
play online with your friends or total strangers via Direct Connect or the HellHound Masterserver !

More details :

Alpha-Beta search with HC" tweaks
Killer heuristics
Quicksort move generator
Iterative deepening
Parallel processing possible
Built on Braatworst" technology

HellChess is blistering fast to load and play on my Amiga set up, and even if you are a novice at playing the game the inclusion of the chess tutorials will ensure you will soon be playing like a grand master.

Download it today at:

Or check out the other Hellhound games :
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