Can you volunteer some time to testing a new multi-platform ISP service?


DesignServe is a new ISP formed by the union of several small providers.  Their main portal and services will be developed during the next nine months and the company is looking for Amiga, Mac and other platform users to take part in testing Dialup, Email, Webmail, Broadband and Hosting services.

DesignServe feel that there is a lack of support for operating systems other than Microsoft Windows in the UK and hope to build a unique service that will be compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems.

The company admits that their main area of expertise is the Windows operating system but a number of senior personnel are Amiga owners who are going to dust down their machines for a new lease of life during the testing period.  A number of Mac and Linux testers are already onboard but numbers and platfoms are not limited.


Obviously DesignServe are looking for your business, but what will set the service apart will be a heavy investment in tailoring the service to suit platforms that are often ignored or supported in a half-hearted manner.  This will involve the company in excluding some of the "Windows bells and whistles" in order to produce a solution with maximum accessibility.

Testing is an important factor in this equation which will help to build a knowledgebase of important issues and to iron out incompatibilities at an early stage.

Testing will be in several phases over approximately nine months during which an extensive knowledgebase will be built:

1 - Formation of a compatible chat portal for feedback from test users.
2 - Email services.
3 - Local Rate Dialup.
4 - Monthly package dialup.
5 - Broadband testing.
6 - Hosting services compatibility.
7 - Main Portal tests and disabled accessibility.
8 - Local Portal tests.
9 - Set top box testing.
10 - PDA, Games Consoles and WAP tests.

By involving end users in the tests DesignServe intends to tailor all services to suit customers requirements as closely as possible.  Internet access rates are highly competitive with dialup Anytime Access starting at 8.99 per month and some additional benefits for highly involved test users.

"Interested parties should complete the enquiry form at to participate".

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