Mixman Digital Blue DM2

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Create your own mixing studio at home with the PC compatible Mixman DM2 - an amateur DJ's dream.

It seems every man and his dog wants to be a DJ these days.   And can you blame them, considering the megabucks you can earn just for playing a few records?  Okay,   so there's a little more to it than that.  And with the Mixman Digital Blue DM2, you can learn to DJ the expert way.

The DM2 is a user friendly system, but that doesn't make it basic or boring.   In fact it's got more features than you can shake a glow stick at.  This interactive system boasts award-winning Mixman remix software, plus a new custom controller.  The DM2 is also one of the first home DJing systems to offer independent dual-turntable scratching.

Connect the DM2 to your PC to gain access to 30 Mixman singles and over 600 track files, with the option to preview tracks before you load them.  You can also import WAV files to add to your mix, and if your PC has a microphone, you can even add your voice!  You can then export your mixes as CD quality files.

This exciting system also features a W.A.R.P.   (Wideband Audio Real-time Processing)   joystick for adding real-time warp effects to your mixes, plus real-time control of pitch, volume, panning and tempo.  With 16 track buttons you can access up to 16 digital audio tracks to build your mix, with up to 128 samples per track!

The DM2 offers the wannabe DJ more mixing power and a wider range of options than any other home DJing system, with the full roll of honour listed below.  If you dream of training yourself as a big room DJ in your front room, or just have a massive enthusiasm for music, the Mixman Digital Blue DM2 is the system for you.

Measures 43 x 28cm.


Mixman-patented technology
Dual-independent scratching rings
Auto-beat matching
Low-latency real time playback
Load up to 16 discreet tracks (128 samples per track)
Real-time control of pitch, volume, panning and tempo W.A.R.P. (Wideband Audio Real-time Processing) FX
A/B Gated transformers
Dynamic crossfader
Import WAV files
Record voice or other audio input (requires microphone)
Export mix as CD quality file
30 Mixman singles
Over 600 track files

System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
16-bit Direct X compatible sound card
CD-ROM drive
Available USB port
400MB available HD space

Mixman Digital Blue DM2
Boys Stuff Price: 49.95

Available from:

RIYAN Productions