Priman ...Amiga Utility

Author:  Barry McConnell


Well it happens to all of us at one time or another, You have just had a session on line, You have downloaded a couple of programs from the Aminet ...Saved them to RAM added a couple of Email attachments  (Photo's jokes whatever).  It is just about time to finish your session when it happens.

One of your programs LOCKS up ...Yam/Ibrowse/Voyager etc. etc. ....ARRRG ...Why did I save everything to the bloody RAM Disk ....You frantically click all the buttons on the locked program ...Nothing happens ...YOUR DOOMED ..DOOMED.

Well not quite! ... If you have Priman installed you can use that to rescue the situation.  In a similar fashion to the Windows PC ....End task Program ...Priman lists all the tasks  (programs)  you have running, And allows you the option to "Kill"  them.


So my friends, You can choose to "Kill"  the offending, Locked program, And close the offending window/Screen.

With the problem removed you can continue to use your Amiga and move all the stored files from RAM to a safer partition on your HD.

Of course Priman isn't just about "Killing"  Programs  (But by God it has saved me a few times)  but is very useful for other tasks as well.

PriMan is a fully Style Guide-compliant program for viewing a list of all running tasks, and performing some actions on them.7nbsp; PriMan requires at least Kickstart 2, and takes advantage of a few extra features available under Kickstart 3.

PriMan allows you to change the priority of any task with the greatest of ease.  Unlike most other similar utilities, you need only drag a slider to change the priority - there is no messy clicking in string gadgets, deleting the old priority, and typing in a new one.  There is also the facility to signal tasks  (e.g. with Ctrl-C),  remove them from memory, and freeze them.

Don't take the chance ...Download Priman today ..and save your Future

RIYAN Productions