Skip Doctor CD Restorer

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Don't throw away a CD just because of a scratch.  The Skip Doctor can make it sound as good as new!

Even a minor scratch on a CD is enough to create more skips than you'd find in the average builder's yard.  So if you're not keen on the `jumping remix' of your favourite tune, what do you do?  Replace the CD?  Of course not.   Not when you can repair it easily with the Skip Doctor.

The Skip Doctor CD Restorer repairs abrasions and light, medium and even deeper scratches, and is incredibly easy to use.  Snap your disc damaged side up into the disc holder.  Spray it generously with the Resurfacing Fluid provided, and slide the disc and holder into the guiding track of the Skip Doctor's `jaw'.   Switch on, and its patented radial wheel uniformly resurfaces the disc's protective layer.  Two full rotations is enough to completely restore your CD.

But while the Skip Doctor resurfaces your disc's protective layer, it doesn't touch any music or data held on the disc, making sure it remains 100% intact.  Because the protective layer is now as good as new, skips and impromptu track changes are a thing of the past.

The Skip Doctor is suitable for music CDs, DVDs, data discs and computer games.  So if you thought you'd have to throw away your favourite game, or could never replace that obscure deleted album, this is for you.

Compatible with CD, CD-R, CR-RW  (standard and 3" discs),   DVD, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, Nintendo Gamecube, PlayStation 1 and 2, Xbox and other computer game discs.

Main unit measures 21 x 17 x 5cm (L x W x H)

Package includes:
Skip Doctor CD Restorer unit
Mains adapter
1oz Resurfacing fluid
Drying cloth
Felt buffing square
Operation and safety instructions

Skip Doctor CD Restorer
Boys Stuff Price: 54.95

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