Speed Camera Debate

Are speed camera's installed to help save lives, or are they purely there to raise money by punishing the motorist?  A debate that has been raging for sometime and on doubt will continue to do so for many month yet.

Senior police officers have denied the reports that camera's were installed in areas and in hidden positions to generate greater revenue by increasing the number of motorists fined.

Police stated the the introduction of these cameras helps save lives as motorists slow down when they are spotted, therefore it is benificial for the Police to have these units in easily noticable positions.  Obviously if a driver is doing 90mph and spots a Camera he will slowdown to 70mph until he is past the Camera and not therefore register as speeding and no penalty will be issued.

The CRYPT team decided to investigate this claim by setting up our own camera at the side of the Road.  See the results below.


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