Remove Icons and Organize Your Desktop


When you have had yourcomputer for a while you will accumulated many icons on your desktop.  How do you remove them and neaten it up a little?

You can delete the icons that you don't use.  Many programs put advertisements for their website on your desktop, or a link to purchase things.  There may also be icons for programs you no longer use.   To remove an icon from your desktop, drag it to the Recycle Bin, or right click on it and then click Delete from the resulting menu.

You can limit the number of icons by grouping similar ones.  For example, say you have icons for a few of your favorite websites.  Create a folder on your desktop named Websites and drag all the website icons into that folder.  You can do the same with any icons you might have on your desktop.

Note:   To create a folder on your desktop, right click on the desktop, point to New and then click on Folder.  Type a name for your new folder and press Enter.

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