Troubleshooting Windows


One of the first types of problems you can encounter when troubleshooting Windows 9x is startup problems.   For startup problems,   a good general troubleshooting method is to try to start Windows 9x in Safe Mode and to proceed from there to identify the problem.

Problem: Computer Freezes Up When Starting Windows 9x

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot when a computer freezes up when starting Windows 9x.

Check the computer's CMOS settings for a virus protection feature.  Some computers have a BIOS setting that prevents applications from modifying the boot sector of the startup drive.  Windows 9x must modify the boot sector during Setup or the first time it runs.   Disable the virus protection feature by using the computer's CMOS setup program.  Disable real-mode drivers in Autoexec.bat and Config.sys and restart.   If this solves the problem, be sure that devices with real-mode drivers are not using the same system resources as other devices.   Obtaining new Windows 9x drivers for these devices might provide a solution.  If the problem occurs after you installed device drivers intended for Windows 3.x, remove entries in System.ini that were added by the device driver's installation software.   If the device is displayed in the Device Manager, delete it.  Restart Windows 9x, and use the Add New Hardware Wizard to reinstall the device using Windows 9x-compatible drivers.

Problem: Bad or Missing File Message

Follow the steps below if the Bad or Missing message is displayed at startup.

Check the syntax of the entry in the startup file  (e.g., Config.sys).  Verify that the file is stored in the correct location.   Verify that the file is the correct version.   Verify that the file has not been corrupted.  (If you suspect this is the problem, try replacing the file with a known good version from another computer.)

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