Universal Games Projector

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Get the bigger picture - enjoy PS2, X-Box or Gamecube action in giant size with this fantastic projector!

Have you ever fancied enjoying games console action on a big screen?  No,   we're not talking lame film adaptations like that dreadful Super Mario Bros film a few years back;   we're talking king size viewing of real games.   With this amazing new game projector, you can project your screen onto the wall or any matt surface for full-on, full-size gaming.

The Games Projector is compatible with the PS2, X-Box or Gamecube, and incredibly simple to set up.  Connect the video and audio cables, insert the power cable and then switch your console on.   Position the projector closely to the area you want to project onto, remove the dust cap and switch on.  Hey presto - a life-size Lara Croft is raiding tombs all over your wall or ceiling!

To focus the projector correctly, rotate the lens anti-clockwise.  A plain white wall or ceiling is the best choice for optimum image viewing, but you can alter the colour, hue and contrast via the remote control included to get the best picture.  You can revert to the original settings at any point by selecting `reset'.  Thanks to a built-in cooling fan, the Games Projector can operate for 8 continuous hours, ideal for mammoth joystick-bashing sessions.  (If you're playing for more than 8 hours, it's advisable to switch the projector off for a while and allow it to cool.)

Although the projector is specifically designed for use with games consoles, you can also connect it to a DVD player or VCR if you have the appropriate cables.   This versatile machine is going to add a whole new dimension to your gameplay...

Measures 23.5 x 22 x 9cm. Mains powered, adapter included.

Package includes:

Remote control
AV and S Video cables
Mains adapter


S-Video input
Stereo earphone output
Remote control
Adjustable on screen display
Volume/brightness/contrast/chroma can digital adjustment
NTSC/PAL system auto switch
8 hours continuous working time


Power input - DC12V 5A
Luminous flux - 200~300IM
Brightness uniformity - 75%
Definition - 480*234
Projective dimension - 12~80in
Projective distance - 0.6~5m
Best projective dimension - 48in
Working environment - 0~+50
Continuous working time - 8H
Life of light - 1000H
Sound - <30db

Universal Games Projector
Boys Stuff Price: 299.00

Available from:

RIYAN Productions