Whole Lotta Blues

I was at a recent UFO concert at Glasgow’s Carling Academy.

The concert was fine, but the part that intrigued me was the music they played before the concert started. Now, I’m sure you’ll all know what I mean when I mention the before concert music. It’s usually the same mix of old AC/DC, Scorpions with a few others thrown in. The music is always in the background as the crowd has a few drinks prior to the concert starting. This time was different and, what sounded like, old blues music was being played. Now this was something out of the ordinary.

I listened a little more intently and was astounded to recognise the songs. They were Led Zeppelin tracks!!

Now, I happen to be a massive fan of Zep and have all the CDs. These were totally different from the Zep versions.

Zeppelin always got stick for reworking old blues tunes (whole lotta love, just to mention one). It sounded like someone had got their own back.

Next time on the Internet, I decided to try and track down the songs. It turned out to be not all that difficult and I managed to identify the album. You can see the picture above. The album is from the “house of blues” label and, as it says, ain’t no tribute.

The songs featured are:

Custard Pie


I can’t quit you, Babe

When the levee breaks

Hey hey, what can I do

Rock ‘n’ roll

You need love (whole lotta love)

Since I’ve been lovin’ you

Good times, bad times

Bring it on home

Trampled underfoot

The reworking of these classic tracks varies with your love of Zeppelin versions. My personal favourite is Custard Pie. This has two versions and the electric version has to be heard to be believed. Listen to the rendition of when the levee breaks or you need love to hear it as it might have been done in the 40’s!!

If you like Zeppelin songs and fancy a new take on them, you can hear small samples of them at and do a search for Whole Lotta Blues. The CD is priced at £12.99, but, IMHO, is well worth it. It might be interesting to hear what Page or Plant thinks of these versions…………

By Ian Urie



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