Want to make effects like this for your website?

Do you like the animated gif's we use in the Crypt?

Then pop along to The MediaBuilder Network.

The MediaBuilder Network is a suite of image content websites and on-line graphics tools. The Mediabuilder network reaches nearly 2 million users every month, providing fun and useful design content to both professionals and hobbists.

Founded in 1996, our artists originally produced animated images for other clipart collections and websites. In June of 1999, we became a part of network, allowing us to grow and to rapidly increase the services we could offer to our customers. Over the years we have released several popular clipart CD-ROM products and continue to expand our popular Gold and Platinum on-line membership services.

Animation Factory
Animation Factory features over 300,000 3D animations. Our newest service, Animation Factory Presentations, provides presentation templates, backdrops and photoclips to professional presenters.

Powered by the unique designs created by Animation Factory artists, MediaBuilder provides a huge selection of web graphics, tiled backgrounds and 3D Clipart.

GIFWorks, PostcardMaker and 3D TextMaker
Our powerful and FREE on-line tools can be used to edit your own graphics or modify current MediaBuilder content, create 3D Text, or send an animated electronic postcard.



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