3rd Shot - The Head Shot

The third and final shot rang out over Dallas and the President was dead.  The third shot must be the most discussed evnt to be recorded on television.  Anyone who witnessed the Dallas Shooting, either as it happened or at a later date, Will always remember the sight of John F Kennedy's head flying backwards as the bullet struck.

A great many discussions have taken place regarding this shot.  After all IF Kennedy's head was forced backwards, Then the shot must have come from a second gunman at the front of the motorcade.


First let me ask a Question?    How many of you, reading this have actually seen a human being shot?

Not Many .... However we all believe we know how a body will react when hit by a bullet.  Most of us gain our experience from Hollywood film stunts.

If you watch a western of the early 50's, A shot cowboy always fell forward, face down into the dirt.  In these early days you never saw blood, nor entry wounds nor exit wounds, Indeed shooting was a nice clean affair.  However as stunts improved producers introduced lots more blood and guts into their movies.  people being shot flew backwards with blood spraying in all directions, this is all done for effect and should not be concidered as accurate in every occasion.

Let us remember that JFK had already been severely injured by the second shot.  The Human body has excellent reactions to severe injuries, in most cases it renders the person unconcious, or at the very least it goes into shock, therefore preventing the body from feeling the full effects of the pain of the injury.

It is clear from the Videos and photographs that John F Kennedy slumped sideways and with his head forward  (Chin on Chest)  after the second shot hit him.

Now try an experiment on your self.  Slump lifeless to the laft in your chair, and have your chin resting on your chest.

NOW use your fist and give yourself a sharp tap to the back, righthand side of your head.

What you will find is, because your head is limp and your chin is on your chest, the force of the blow can only project your head a little forwards, then it recoils in a backward direction effect a whiplash effect.

Of course this little experiment means nothing .. by it's self.  However below you can view photographs (stills taken from a video footage)  at the time of impact of this third shot.  (Thumbnails distorted due to graphic nature of Photo)


In both of these stills it is clear to see a spray of blood and bodily fluids coming from the Presidents head and being forced in a forward motion.  When we remember that the president was in a moving car at the time, it become evident that for these fluids to travel in a forward motion  (Against the wind of the car)  the impact MUST have come from the rear NOT the front.

Thus dispelling the idea of two gunmen, the fact clearly show, a single gunman firing the weapon from the rear.

RIYAN Productions