Amiga User - Man or Mouse

Submitted by - Ian Fyvie


Are you an Amiga user?  Are you a man (Woman) or a mouse?

Strange question you may feel, but bear with me for a second.  In the last issue of the CRYPT (36) we told you about an ISP who desperately wanted to show support for the Amiga users, Both in dial up connections and in providing Broadband connections for the Amiga users.   We ran an appeal for Amiga users to sign up as Beta Testers for the site.

The response   ...   2 brave souls signed up.  TWO ...that's not disappointing,  That's Disgraceful.

In this Issue 37 we bring you a full report on a "Super fast" Internet Connection that WILL Work with dial-up or Broadband.

ONSPEED ..."It does what it says on the tin".  However ONSPEED refuse to support the Amiga ...Ask yourself why.

(a)  Perhaps because so few Amiga users have filled in the form on their webpage asking what OS you want ONSPEED to support.

(b)  Maybe they don't have Amiga's nor Amiga Programmers.

Now I have a great respect for the talented Amiga Programmer, The teams behind programs like Yam and IBrowse (etc.) have my utmost respect.  The Amiga community still has talented people, So surely some programmers would be willing to give their time to offer to code the front end of the ONSPEED program to work with the Amiga.

Surely even if your not a programmer, but a simple user, as I am you should want to let ONSPEED know that Amiga users want this sort of support.

It is not all that many years ago, that Amiga users were incensed because "Championship Manager2" was not being released for the Amiga.  Thousands to mails were sent in and eventually they did do an Amiga version  (Which sadly was almost unplayable).

The same happened with "Settlers 2" ...a Mad response from Amiga users, so much so that The Company eventually stopped answering Amiga orientated mails  (We never did get Settlers 2)  But we did make our voice heard.

Where is this spirit and fight these days? ... Here we have a company that want to support the Amiga ... and WE don't want to help.

Here we have a company that could improve our internet speed, but WE won't fight for it.

I and a great many of you, have fought a long and hard battle over our favoured platform.  Make no mistakes, If you still use an Amiga (Classic-AmigaOne-PegasOS) We are the last. 
There is no new blood coming into our ranks, there is no reinforcements ..WE are the last rank in the Battle field, Facing the uncountable forces of the PC-Linux-Mac-Games consoles, We are out numbered 5000 to 1.... We fight a battle we can't win.

So do you as an Amiga user, Throw down your arms, turn around and head home.  Secure in the Knowledge that You will die alone in your bed, Your head under the Pillow muttering to yourself.

"We had the best operating system"

OR Will you link arms with the rest of the Users of this wonderful Computer and proudly march forward and stare into the face of the opposition and say:


We are Amiga and we WANT an ISP that supports us,  And we WANT to support them.

We are Amiga and we WANT Faster Connections,  And we WANT to help them.

We may never win this battle, But that is no excuse to roll over and play dead.



Amiga Users Rise Again


RIYAN Productions