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Normally, when I come to do the pages for the themed articles, I tend to approach the subject with an open mind, Thus hopefully presenting the readers with un-biased facts that alloqw you to make up your own mind.

Not so in this case, I'm afraid.  You see I remember watching the reports of the Kennedy assassination on the Television, I remember reading the reports in the Newspapers.  I watched as JFK's head slumped backwards, I heard of the magic bullet and also watched as the proposed assassin Lee harvey Oswald was gunned down in full view to the police and public.

To me, the whole thing stank of conspiracy and cover up, watching the various shows on later television further developed this thought.  So what now that I have read all the facts.

Well lets face it, the violent death of any famous figure is open to tales of conspiracy and cover up.  The problem is that those who write such things present evidence that is often untrue.  In many cases the real reasons, explanitions are obvious but overlooked, Is this the case in the death of JFK?

Who wanted Kennedy dead?

John F Kennedy will be remembered as the People's president, Dearly loved by all ... Who could possibly want him dead?

Quite a few actually!  Kennedy had taken the world to the brink of nuclear war over the Cuba crisis.  Most think that the Russians backed down, But this is not really what happened.  Part of the deal between America and Russia was that Kennedy would STOP trying to remove Castro from Power in Cuba  (It was the worst kept secret in the world that Kennedy had attemped a couple of assassinations against Castro).

Kennedy didn't stick to this part of the bargain, instead he involved the Mafia, by getting their hit men to try to "Take out Castro".

Because of this, obviously Castro would have liked to see Kennedy killed, Perhaps even the Russians.  However lets remember that although Kennedy USED the Mafia, he also instructed the Police force to hunt them down at every opportunity.  Certain Mafia bosses would have happily ordered a hit against Kennedy.

Kennedys blatent disregard for the terms of the Cuba agreement was also viewed with more than a little concern by other high ranking Americans.  After all he was once again risking America with a possible nuclear war.

Truth be known, John F Kennedy was rather a loose canon, He knew he had the support of the American people and thrived from it.  However others feared his actions and the Kennedy clan possessed far to much power in American politics.

Was Oswald the only Gunman?

Almost certainly.  Many people try to say Oswald was  (a)  Part of a conspiracy plot  (b)  an innocent person set up to take the blame.

Lets look at the facts.  Oswald had already attempted an assassination.  He planned it alone and carried it out alone ... We have his notes and detailed plans.

On the day of the shooting Oswald went into work carrying a parcel.  He claimed it was curtain rods.  These were never found, but the parcel was large enough to be a dismantled rifle.

Oswald claimed that at the time of the shooting he was having lunch with his workmates.  None of the other workers remember seeing Oswald at lunch.

3 minutes after the shooting Oswald left work and caught a bus home.  He was the only person unaccounted for in the building.  When the bus got caught in traffic Oswald disembarked and caught a taxi back to his flat  (Why was he in such a hurry?).

Arriving back home Oswald changed clothes, and armed himself with a hand gun before leaving the flat.  (Why did he take a gun with him)

Oswald's description had been circulated by the police as a possible suspect.

Officer Tibbet spotted Oswald and challenged him ...Oswald Shot and killed him in front of a dozen people.  (Why?  Oswald had no real record of violence)

After the killing of officer Tibbet, Oswald ran into a cinema  (Without paying) ... When later challenged by officers .. Oswald stood up ..said "It's all over"  then pulled his gun and tried to shoot the nearest officer.

When police searched Oswalds flat they found he had left his Wedding ring and his life savings  ($170)  for his wife.  (Why .. if he intended doing nothing wrong).

Was Oswald part of some Plot?

Highly uinlikely.  The truth is that Oswald was shunned by most people including the Russians and Cubans.

If there was some sort of plot to kill JFK then they would have used a professional hitman, not someone who was only an average shot  (Someone who needed 3 shots to kill a man).

A professioal hit would have been unlikely to arrange a shooting from the rear.  much easier to shoot at an oncomming target.

Had someone paid Oswald to kill JFK, Would then not have arranged a suitable escape plan or even an execution of Oswald?

A Professional hit wouldn't rely on a BUS to make the escape.  Also had Oswald been recruited to kill the President,  WHY did his life savings only amount to $170.

Was Jack Ruby sent to silence Oswald?

Ruby certainly had contacts in the Crime world, but he was a small time loser that certainly wouldn't have been entrusted with this task.  Anyway why arrange to kill Oswald after he had been in held by the police for 48 hours.

It is almost certain the Jack Ruby thought he would be hailed a hero for shooting Oswald, Perhaps he didn't even intend killing him.  Therefore he would have served a few months in jail and become a very rich American hero upon his release.

In the course of writing these articles I have read many accounts of the history of the assassination.  Most of the theories submitted under the Conspiracy banner can be discounted.  Of course each of us have to make up our own minds regarding this.  However I for one have changed my mind, and can say, I no longer beleive that there was any plot to kill JFK.  Just the deranged mind of a lone gunman that the world had shunned.

Ian C Fyvie

RIYAN Productions