Capture Your Screen


If you ever want to take notes on how to complete a task on your computer, what to click within a certain dialog box, or remember a specific error message that is appearing, it may be simpler to take a picture of your computer screen then to attempt to describe it in writing.

To start, press the Print Screen key on the keyboards.  Do not, however, expect the printer to start printing the screen.  This key captures, or prints, the image to a program called Clipboard.   You can not see or open Clipboard, it runs behind the scenes.

Next, you need to paste the image into a program that you can print from.   There are several choices here:  Microsoft Word or WordPerfect will do.  Works Word Processor will do, or you can even use Paint.

Open the program.  Click Edit on the menu, then Paste.   You will now see the picture of your screen appear in this program.

To print, click File on the menu, then Print.

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