Internet Explorer - Contents Advisor


IE - Of course stands for Internet Explorer  (the Microsoft attempt at a web browser) ..equally IE could sound like a Japanese war cry or even better the sound a human makes when in great agony.

One of the "Great" things with Internet Explorer is it's ability to totally Screw up for no known reason, suddenly returning all sorts of error messages and even refusing point blank to allow you to view web pages.

I'm sure at least some of you may have come across this particular problem.  You  (in all innocence)  open IE to be faced with an error message that your "Contents Advisor" has not the required information.  and it directs you to Tools/Internet options/content advisor.  You ..of course do as you are told, but find nothing wrong ...You try clicking of the "content advisors"\ settings", and get asked for the Password.

What password?

Either you entered a password in your sleep or someone has been mucking around with your settings.  Perhaps your just going senile and forgot your password ...No matter IE Refuses to load any Web pages.

Now what do you do?  Fear not the solution is not that complicated.

Click on the Start button
Click Run
Type "Regedit" and click OK
Click on the Hkey_Local_Machine folder
Click on the software folder
Click on the Microsoft folder
Click on the Windows folder
Click on the Current version folder
Click on the Policies folder
Click on the Ratings folder
Highlight "key" in right window and delete
Click on the file menu and choose exit regedit
Click on the start button
Click on shutdown

Click on restart computer
Click OK
Right click once on "The Internet" or "MSN" icon on desktop choose properties from the pull down menu
Select the security tab
Click on disable ratings
Click on OK without entering anything when prompted for a password click on OK when warned that content advisor has been disabled.

Problem Solved.

RIYAN Productions