A warm welcome to our latest issue of the CRYPT Magazine  (Issue 37).  We have our usual blend of articles, Jokes,Cartoons, Computing Help.  We even tell you how to convert your old VHS tape to DVD using your PC.

Our themed page this issue deals with the assassination of John F Kennedy.  Was it a plot?  Did Lee Harvey Oswald fire the shots?  Was there more than one gunman?  and did Jack Ruby shoot Oswald to maintain his silence.  We try to provide the answers.

Read the story off the shocking events on that day, then you make up your own mind.  I would like to advise readers that some photo's included in these theme pages are rather graphic by nature.  We at the
CRYPT have no desire to shock or disturb people by showing these images, however inclusion was vital to show proof or evidence on certain matters.  The thumbnails of these graphic images have been distorted to prevent unwanted viewing, however clicking on the thumbnail will reveal the full sized unaltered phoptgraphs.  PLEASE do not click on these images unless prepared to view Graphic material.

While feeling slightly bored one evening, I decided to have a bit of fun, and typed "CRYPT Mag" into a couple of search engines.  I was certainly surprised at the amount of people who have very kindly provided links on their web site to our Magazine.  Also some of the nice and encouraging comments posted to the various Forums  (Ann-AmigaOrg-AmigaWorld etc.)

While we  (The team)  are delighted to read these responses, I would just point out that at certain time the comments move off the main forum page within a day or so, and can easily be missed by the CRYPT Members.

I would ask you all to remember that we are happy to receive personal mails regarding your views  (Good or bad)  on the CRYPT, and every mail will be answered.

Do you have a view on the content of the magazine, Perhaps a comment  (Good or bad).  Do you have an article you would like to share with our readers, If so feel free to contact us ( -

If you have enjoyed this issue, why not let all your friends know, Don't be greedy and keep all the fun for yourself.

We look forward to hearing from you and know you will all be back for our 38th issue of the CRYPT Magazine.



Ian C Fyvie (Editor)
RIYAN Productions.

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