City Mantis XP

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Experience truly 21st Century transport - the fold-up electronic personal vehicle.  Reaches top speeds of 16mph!

The amazing City Mantis is a fantastically fun, definition- defying electronic vehicle.  Combining elements of the bike, electric scooter and moped, it's constructed around an aerodynamically enhanced aluminium composite hex box frame for top-notch performance, and zooms around at up to 16mph over a distance range of 10 - 18 miles!  16mph might not sound that fast, but on something this size, it feels faster than sh*t off a shiny shovel  (to put it delicately).

And the Mantis isn't just about speed.  It also offers an innovative fold-up option, making it one of the most portable electronic transportation devices money can buy!   Weighing it at around 20kgs, we don't suggest you swing it over your shoulder to carry around, but the folding feature makes it far more convenient for carrying on trains etc.  if you want to use the Mantis on holiday or on day trips.

Okay,  we know what you're thinking.  You're thinking, `if you can fold it up,  it must be pretty basic'.  But you're so, so wrong  (so there).  Thanks to its superbly built frame, the Mantis offers a superb combination of strength and performance.  A twist grip throttle and chain drive provides smooth progressive acceleration, with thumb throttle, and dual suspension and fully adjustable steering keep you firmly in control.

The Mantis also boasts high impact resistant five-blade front wheels, a freewheeling hub and pedals, rear drum braking, a seat shock absorber and a battery `kill switch'.  It's environmentally friendly, and as well as being more fun than sharing a sleeping bag with Kylie  (well, almost),  the Mantis's modern and stylish design looks fantastic.

The City Mantis takes around five hours to charge, but if you're down to half-power, 40 minutes' charging is enough to get you back to full power.   If you're bored with bikes and sick of scooters, you have to sample the speed of a Mantis.

Measures 95 x 83 x 52cm. Includes charger.

Also available in red,

Please note that the Mantis is, legally speaking, a bicycle, so does not require a motorcycle/moped licence, an MOT certificate or road tax.

Aerodynamically enhanced aluminium composite hex box frame maximises strength and performance
High impact resistant five-blade front wheels with freewheeling hub and pedals
Rear wheels with 2 part split rim
Belt drive system with freewheeling hub
E-Glide tyres (Front: 260-60; Rear: 200-50 (Pneumatic)
Dual suspension for control and comfort (fully adjustable rear mono shock)
Smooth progressive acceleration with thumb throttle
Power low/Battery indicator
Fully adjustable steering

Top speed - approx. 16mph (depending on conditions)
Distance range - 10 - 18 miles (depending on conditions)
Dimensions - 95 x 83 x 52cm
Weight: 20kg (including battery)
Power Unit - DC 250W Motor
Power Pack - 12V/10Ah x 2; Gel battery technology
Braking - rear drum
Charge time - 5 - 6 hours from zero; 40 minutes from 50%+ power - Riding time per full charge: Approx. 1 hour (depending on terrain, conditions etc.)
Maximum weight - 90 to 100kg

City Mantis XP
Boys Stuff Price: 299.00

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