Mustek PVR-A1 Personal Media Centre

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Listen to music, watch digital videos, look at photos or even watch TV recordings on one ingenious recordable device!

Portable entertainment has come a long way since the personal stereo.  The new direct-record PVR-A1 Personal Media Centre is like carrying a TV, DVD player, video recorder and MP3 player around with you.  But while that would leave you feeling knackered and looking like Quasimodo, the PVR-A1 couldn't be more portable and convenient.   It measures a super-compact 9 x 7cm, and weighs just 110 grams - but you'll be amazed at what it can do.

With the PVR-A1 you can record direct from a range of media and store the data in its onboard memory, for playback anytime, anywhere.  Record DVDs, videos; even record TV programmes direct from the set.  Then you can watch them back during boring train journeys  (or skiving sessions at work)   on the PVR's built-in 2.5" LCD colour screen.   Or, if you prefer music on the move, the PVR's MP3 player features a choice of Pop, Jazz, Classic, Bass or Rock digital sound effects.

The PVR-A1 has a 32MB onboard memory, which allows you to store around 16 minutes of DVD/video footage, or around 32 minutes of music.  But with SD cards, you can easily expand the PVR's memory by as much as 512MB;   enough memory for up to three hours of footage!  That's a full length feature film, plus an hour to spare for your favourite TV show(s)!

You can even use the PVR-A1 as a live digital photo album.   Now when you want to show off your digital photography skills to your mates, you don't all have to crowd around the PC;  pass this mini marvel around and they can view your pics slide-show style.   And if you have a DPS compatible printer, you can connect the PVR direct to your printer and print pics straight off, bypassing your PC altogether.

This sleek and stylish device has a cool metallic blue finish, and with an easy to follow on-screen menu system, direct record and playback of your favourite films, shows and music couldn't be easier.  Pop a PVR-A1 in your pocket when you go travelling, and banish boredom for good.

Measures 9 x 7 x 2cm (l x w x d).  Powered by rechargeable battery, charger included.

Package includes:
PVR-A1 Personal Media Centre
Software (VideoStudio®SE, PhotoExpress®SE, PhotoExplorer®, Acrobat Reader®, Multimedia Converter) and Driver CD
USB and AV cables
Power adapter
Li-ion battery
Protective carry bag
User Manual

TV recording in MPEG4 compatible format
Video playback
Digital photo player
Digital voice recorder
MP3 player with Pop, Jazz, Classic, Bass and Rock digital sound effects
USB portable disk
SD/MMC card reader
DPS function (direct connection to a DPS compatible printer - no need for a PC)
MPEG 4 software converter
32MB onboard memory (expandable to 512MB with SD or MMC cards)
Audio alarm


Display - 2.5" TFT LCD screen
Video system - PAL/NTSC
File formats supported - JPEG/MP3/WAV/ASF
Memory - 32MB onboard memory (expandable to 512MB with SD or MMC cards)
Storage capacity - approx. 16 minutes video or 32 minutes music from onboard memory; approx. 3 hours video or 6 hours music with 512MB SD card
Power - rechargeable battery (adapter included)
Battery charge time - approx. 3 hours for full charge
Interface - USB/AV input/Earphone jack/DC-in
Sound - Built-in loudspeaker and microphone

Mustek PVR-A1 Personal Media Centre
Boys Stuff Price: £169.95

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